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Welcome to the Picki platform, our two-year behind-the-scenes project that's now changing the game in Australian real estate. Tens of thousands already use Picki, making it a cornerstone of the property market down under.

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From Classifieds to Cutting-Edge

Tracing Real Estate's Digital Evolution

Property search was long a duopoly in Australia, with realestate.com.au and Domain leading the way since the '90s. Their 'vendor paid advertising' model now meets a new challenger: Picki, rewriting the rules for property buyers.
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Changing the Real Estate Playbook

Picki Property Coach

Buyer's Needs, Front and Center

Traditionally, vendors controlled property listings, tailoring them to shine brightly. However, Picki shifts this focus, spotlighting what buyers, especially investors, truly need: deep insights to discern the best properties..

The Future of Property Search

Conceived by a top property research agency, Picki is Australia's first free property research tool, offering unparalleled Suburb, Street, and Property level insights. It’s as potent for seasoned investors as it is simple for first-timers.
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Our Win-Win Formula - Free to Every Buyer

Shared Savings, Shared Success

Access Picki without opening your wallet. It's a free-for-all platform, where professionals grow their network without a price tag.

Support for Every Buyer

For those navigating the property market, Picki stands as a guiding light, whether you're an independent buyer or seeking expert advice.

Free Access For All

In the property purchasing ecosystem, Picki connects the property buyer with top-notch service providers, leveraging our network to save you money while we share the savings.

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Elevating Your Business Profile

Picki steps up where others step back, offering enhanced protection in a market lacking oversight. Only certified professionals make the cut, ensuring transparency and quality.

Lead Generation as Simple as 1,2,3...

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Cultivating Inquiry

Picki simplifies how you connect with property investors, turning casual inquiries into solid leads.
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Insights That Drive Connections

Picki gives you a window into your prospects' activities, preferences, and needs, equipping you to offer tailored services.
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Quality Leads, Directly to You

Picki places your profile where it matters most, connecting you with buyers as a trusted local expert, boosting your business without any cost until March 2024.
Picki Property CoachPicki Property Coach

As a Buyers Agent, leveraging data is a smart move, as data-backed purchases consistently outperform others. Equally crucial is choosing the right referral partners downstream.

By partnering with the most "Helpful and Trustworthy" service providers, including property managers, brokers, and solicitors, Picki is able to enhance service quality to the property buyer and investor but also negotiate special discounts for users of the platform. These discounts are shared with the with the property buyer and Picki.

Although Picki benefits financially through these referral agreements, this win-win approach helps us shape the industry, ensuring your clients are in trusted, highly-rated hands.

Christian - Co-Founder @ Picki


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