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Introducing Picki

Your Property Research and Discovery Companion

End to End Property Intelligence

Embark on a pioneering journey in real estate with Picki. Navigate high-performing areas, discover Australia's largest selection of for-sale properties, and steer clear of shady entities lurking in the shadows with our guided expertise. With Picki, you break new ground. And the best part? It's entirely free. Welcome to the new frontier of property investment!

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High Performing Areas

Uncover the nation's highest predicted performance.
  • Track New Home Construction, New Projects, Employment, Lifestyle, and Population growth. Monitor Vacancy Rates, Days of Supply, and Price Growth.
  • Stay informed about Public Housing, Highest Yields, Owner-Occupier concentrations, and much more.
Suburb Search
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Property Search Engine

Australia's most powerful property search engine—designed for investors.
  • Think of Realestate.com.au, but tailored for the buyer.
  • Boasting the largest selection of current on-market, pre-market, and off-market established properties for sale.
Properties For Sale
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One Click Purchase

On the ground support - from the nation's most trusted professionals.
  • Discuss each area and property with other investors who already own property there.
  • Have your property inspected, street commentary and local advice - all for free.
  • Connect with the recommended legal, property management, Building & Pest inspectors, and much more...

Why is Picki 100% FREE to the property buyer?

Buying properties has helped us and our families a lot. We've not only bought properties ourselves but also ran an Australian Property Magazine and Ripehouse Advisory. Now, it's all about doing good and making things better. When you win, we all win!

"Happiness is the only thing in the world that doubles each time you share it."

Eddie Jaku

Christian Baumann

Christian Baumann


Christian knows a lot about investing from his time at McKinsey and Company. He's here to shake up the Australian Property world in a good way. He wants you to be in charge and get clear, right advice about investing.

Anna Cooper

Anna Cooper


Anna has worked with property for over ten years. She was the head editor at Australian Property Investor Magazine from 2017 to 2020. Now, she really wants to make it easier for everyone to get into property investing.

Jacob Field

Jacob Field


Jacob Field started buying properties in the early 2000s and made Ripehouse Advisory in 2011. Since then, he's helped many people, whether they're buying their first property or their fortieth. Respected publications and magazines in Australia, like SMH and Money Magazine, often talk about his property expertise.


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an wealth rocket is ready to launch

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